Winning Together!

I'm pleased to announce that  One Rep Max has partnered with the world's leading (#1), weight loss company  to offer you  a multitude of  programs including their newest  program  myWW , that  takes customization to the next level!

With   the all new MyWW  you will be able to - 

*Tailor weight loss to your life
with weight watchers  NEW personal assessment, that focuses on your unique needs and provides the options that best match your lifestyle.
*Eat smarter with a daily SmartPoints® Budget
with their science-based SmartPoints system that is personalized for your age, height, weight, and sex to help you lose weight.

*Reach your goals with our app and Workshops
with weight watchers award-winning app and WW-expert led Workshops tohelp you build healthy habits for life.
be sure to add one of Our (One Rep Max), downloadable workout programs or customized Personal training plans for optimal weight loss results....

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