Our $20.00 Starter gym workout routines and meal plans  provide you with the best workouts to perform at the gym to achieve your desired goals.  Whether your goal is to lose belly fat, gain muscle or sculpt your physique, our workout routines and meal plans are right for you. these programs will teach you how to workout, what to eat before and after a workout and much, much more! 
So Stop going to the gym without knowing what to do, and arm yourself with the knowledge you need to get the results you deserve!

It's time for you make the best out of that gym membership..

Selecting a fitness program

Step # 1  
Read the program description below &  to the left, and select the program that will provide you with the guarantees that fit your desired goals
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Click the purchase program button to the right of the description and download your program
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Start training 
program Cost
 Meal Plans: Free - with the purchase of a Gym Workout Routine  
10-12 Week Gym Routines: Price - $20.00 Each

All Programs Include
• Meal plan  with grocery list , snacks & meal replacement suggestions
• Portion  Control Chart &  Meal Plan guidelines
• Goal  Specific  Nutrition Facts 
• Prerequisite workout recommendations
• (10 - 12 week) planned daily workout routines  (Rest Days Included)
• Weightlifting  terminology
• Exercise  photos  (How To)

Free Gift

choose From: 
A Single  - 1 0n 1 in person Training session - local clients only 
A Single - 1 0n 1 Nutrition Coaching session - Local Clients Only 
A Single - Online Nutrition assessment - Non local Clients 
A Single - Online Physical assessment - Non Local Clients 
Free Waist Trainer 

Upon purchase email us @ www.customerservice@onerepmaxonline.com with your order confirmation number along with your name and selection from the list above to claim your free gift. 

For Assistance selecting the right program ,take a quick moment and fill out the questionnaire below and we will forward you the link with the program that's right for you !

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I have

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Select this program if you are a man or woman who wants to lose fat and gain muscle!  
          Program Guarantees       


Total Body Weight loss

(weight loss will vary, clients have reported up to 52LBS after fully completing this program)

Belly Fat Reduction
 Slimmer Waistline
Improved muscle tone 

 Select this program if you are a man or woman whowould like to define and tone your current physique!  

Program Guarantees

     Increased strength &      endurance 

  Improved muscle tone

   Increased muscle definition
    Increased muscle mass

Select this program if you are a man or woman who struggles with gaining muscle and are considered to be the "Hard Gainer"!

Program Guarantees

Increased endurance and motor fitness

  Increased muscle definition

         Improved muscle tone                                                                                                                                        Weight Gain

(weight gain will vary) 

Increased muscle mass

Increased energy levels.


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