Who We Are 

One Rep Max is an affordable fitness platform that provides individuals with a thorough understanding of what they need to do in order to achieve their unique fitness goals no matter what they are, through online coaching.  Utilizing the principle disciplines of Somatotype classification which states that people are born with an inherited or unique body type based on skeletal frame and body composition, we have developed a revolutionary approach to creating personalized, and tailored coaching to help clients optimize wellness.


In a nutshell we provide the creation of crafted fitness, nutrition and supplement programs for all individuals regardless of their current fitness level or the fitness level they are striving to attain, along with the support and education needed to sustain the results.  

FITNESS  -  Our fitness programs are highly affordable and are crafted to fit your unique lifestyle, body type and goals.  They are developed for stay at home parents, highly  active the moderately fit  as well as  the avid gym goer who would like to improve their appearance. 

NUTRITION - All of our programs can be accompanied with a crafted nutrition plan, because we believe fitness and nutrition go hand and hand. When crafting your nutrition plan we work with you to select your meals, omit your dislikes and add your likes so that you are enjoying what you eat and your foods donot seem like a chore. Our focus is on sustainable nutrition based habit coaching, that when adhered to can last a life time. Our nutrition programs are not only built to satisfy your body but they are also made to fit your finances as well.