One Rep Max Calculator

While we at ORM define one rep max as sustained growth and exceeding limitations. We do however believe that it is highly important to not only push yourself but to also understand your progression while doing so. A one rep max calculator will come in very handy for you as you begin your journey with one of our fitness programs.
A 1 rep max calculator allows you to input the amount of weight you lifted for ANY given set and the number of reps completed for that set.
The output of the calculation will be all of your rep maxes including an estimate for what amount of weight you could have lifted for a one rep.that said - read the information below regarding one rep max and download a free copy of our calculator at the bottom of the page to utilize along with our fitness programs. 

Calculator uses - bench press, deadlifts, overhead press, weighted dips, rows, squats 

example, if you went to complete failure recently on a set of squats and you did 135 pounds for 8 reps you can easily find what you could have lifted for a single rep.
When you input 135 pounds for 8 reps,  you will get the following rep maxes:
1 Rep Max = 168 pounds
2 Rep Max = 163 pounds
3 Rep Max = 158 pounds
4 Rep Max = 154 pounds
5 Rep Max = 149 pounds
6 Rep Max = 144 pounds
7 Rep Max = 140 pounds
8 Rep Max = 135 pounds
9 Rep Max = 130 pounds
10 Rep Max = 126 pounds
11 Rep Max = 121 pounds
12 Rep Max = 116 pounds
13 Rep Max = 112 pounds
14 Rep Max = 107 pounds
15 Rep Max = 102 pounds
This means you can lift approximately 168 pounds for 1 rep, 149 pounds for 5 reps, 126 pounds for 10 reps, and 102 pounds for 15 reps. You can estimate the weight you can lift for any of the rep targets shown above.

Train Safe !!

One Rep Max competitions coming soon!

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